Which mattress to choose for bedsores?

What are bed sores?

Pressure sores, also called pressure ulcers are unfortunately a growing disease that can be prevented. The increase in this pathology is proportional to the increase in traumatic spinal lesions and to the increase in the average age. The data are not heartening: we are talking about 9 percent of hospitalized patients and the number increases among the elderly.

How to choose the right mattress for bedsores?

The choice of the right mattress depends on several factors such as:

•    The degree of mobility,

•    The Constitution,

•    The severity of the injury.

It is always advisable to evaluate together with your doctor which is the most suitable mattress.

That said, the market offers a vast range of high-tech products designed and manufactured for the prevention of pressure sores.

The MAP, Monitor Alert Project:

There is the “intelligent” mattress with an anti-bedsore sensor that works thanks to a special blanket, which is placed on the mattress of the patient’s normal bed, and which recognizes the thermal values of the body through the pressure that the latter performs on the cloth itself. Changes in body heat are signaled on a screen and the nurse is therefore advised of the need to move the patient to that exact area of the body.

This is a continuous monitoring 24 hours a day. Obviously, we are talking about cutting-edge systems that are studied for hospitals. But how can you help a patient with this condition at home?

Silicone quarry fiber mattress:

There are models of different thickness for the different body types of the patient. They consist of fibers, hollow in order to make them elastic, treated with silicone and allow the distribution of weight on the entire supporting surface, guaranteeing excellent air circulation and avoiding the risk of non-transpiration of the skin; effectively reduce friction and cutting forces. They are manageable mattresses.

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Ventilated foam mattress:

These are static mattresses made of open cell polyurethane foam that have longitudinal and transverse grooves in the upper part that create a pyramid-shaped structure. Each trunk changes according to the pressure, determined by the weight and shape of the patient, but it does not alter the structure of the others and allows the penetration of the parts of the body with bony prominences. It guarantees air circulation. It is light and manageable.