Mattress hardness 4 for extra firm ergonomic lying

The degree of hardness of a mattress provides information about its strength or resilience. The harder it is, the less the body sinks on the mattress. The degree of hardness 4 is often referred to as “extra firm”. Usually, grade 4 is recommended at a body weight between about 110 and 130 kilograms. The exact scope can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. For the optimal sleeping position, this means that the spine is horizontally straight in a lateral position.

The degree of hardness provides an orientation value. Actual properties also vary with the mattress core. Here is a distinction between cold foam, latex / natural latex, visco and pocket spring core. Finally, the combination of mattress and slatted frame is relevant.

Choice of material influences the feeling of lying

For the mattress purchase, you should first pull mattresses with a hardness of 4 into the shortlist. Then you can limit the choices in terms of your sleeping habits and the preferred feeling of lying down. This is softer with cold foam mattresses, as the body sinks more. Latex mattresses feel comparatively harder. Among other things, this depends on the density of the room and the lying areas or, in the case of pocket spring mattresses, on the spring structures. The degree of hardness gives information about the basic strength and compression hardness. The volumetric weight influences the dimensional stability and supporting effect of the mattress. A higher density means at the same time better dimensional stability. Loungers are reduced and the durability of the mattress is extended.

Foam mattresses

Made of cold foam mattresses differ with the volume weight in the elasticity. Decisive for their degree of hardness, however, is the compression hardness. It is also called compression hardness. The mattress is thus dimensionally stable and forms less recumbent recesses. The lower the compressive strength, the softer the mattress. Too high a value makes the mattress wear out quickly.

Basically, the feeling of lying is perceived as very gentle. In places with higher stress such as the shoulder in side-sleepers gives a cold foam mattress after. In these places, this sinks more than the rest of the body and the spine remains orthopedically correctly upright in the horizontal. If you are wondering, Is it bad to sleep on your stomach

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